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Author:  Kasey Clemans, Esq.

Family Law Attorney

Divorce - Sometimes Two Halves Are Better Than One

My plant broke today.  It’s name is Rudy.  We may not typically think about a plant breaking, but that’s exactly what happened; it literally snapped in half.  At the time, I was taking Rudy to a local nursery to see what I could do to help it thrive.  When I drove around the corner, the upper portion of my plant bobbed due to the motion of my vehicle, and that stress, on an already struggling Rudy, broke the connection between the two halves.

I took Rudy inside the nursery and explained the situation to a nursery worker named Jay.  Jay made some great recommendations about what I could do to help Rudy.  He explained how I could separate the two halves and save them both.  When I left for the nursery, I had envisioned a solution that would keep both halves together.  Unfortunately, the break occurred during my efforts to help my plant. 

I am grateful for Jay.  He had the knowledge, tools, and experience that I lacked, but needed in order to save Rudy. 

Relationships can be like Rudy.  Sometimes they break.  Sometimes they break even when we are trying our hardest to fix them.  What you imagined would stay as one, can sometimes turn into two.  When that happens, we can try to figure out what to do on our own, or we can go to someone with the knowledge, tools and experience to help both halves thrive even after they have been broken.  My colleagues and I have that knowledge and expertise to help you with your family law challenges.  We can help you move forward and start a new, hope-filled journey.  You can rely on our team to help you thrive even after you have been broken.