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Author:  Whitney A. Hey, Esq.

Family Law Group

Colorado law includes the ability for people contemplating marriage to conclude prenuptial agreements.  Prenuptial agreements are also known as premarital agreements.  People often have questions about what can be done with a prenuptial agreement and what cannot be done with one.

What you can do with a prenuptial agreement

  • You can decide in advance what would happen at the time of a legal separation, divorce, or death on multiple issues:
  • How the property and debts would be divided 
  • Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony or spousal support.
  • How any attorney’s fees would be divided

What you cannot do with a prenuptial agreement

  • Adversely limit child support
  • Control what would happen in the future on child custody
  • Limit the grounds for legal separation or divorce
  • Limit a remedy available to a victim of domestic violence
  • Punish a party for starting a court case leading to a legal separation or divorce

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