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Family Law Group has experienced attorneys that can help you understand how to protect your interests and how to assert your rights during divorce proceedings.

Business Owner Divorce

As a business owner, going through a divorce brings many additional hurdles and challenges to the process. We partner with our sister firm, Business Law Group, to develop an expert plan that will help you achieve your best outcome.

Military Divorce

Going through the divorce process when you or your spouse is in the military can be very complex. Our experienced divorce attorneys are familiar with all aspects effecting military divorces, whether you are active duty, retired, or a civilian spouse.


Adoptions come in many shapes and sizes, but all adoptions must go through the court system for some part of the process. Family Law Group can help wherever you are in the adoption process.


Probate is the legal process of determining how the property of a deceased person is transferred to the beneficiaries or heirs. The probate process can range from simple to very complex depending on the value of the estate and if it is contested.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

Planning ahead is the best way to reduce guardianship and conservatorship needs. To be appointed as a guardian and/or conservator requires a court hearing, and guardianship and conservatorship hearings have strict procedural requirements. Learn how Family Law Group can help you.

Child Custody

When going through a child custody case, you need a lawyer who will protect your children's best interests and your parenting rights.

Estate Planning

Having an estate plan is the best bet to ensure that what happens with your assets after you pass away is done in the manner that you want it done.

Pre & Post Nuptials

Prenuptial agreements can provide greater certainty of financial outcomes, should your marriage end in divorce. Therefore, if you are about to get married it would be wise to enter into a prenuptial agreement beforehand.

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Let the attorneys of the Family Law Group be your trusted legal counselors. We provide experienced and affordable advice for all your family’s legal needs. The Family Law Group can assist you through all stages of your life, from beginning to end.