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Child Custody

Working towards your child’s best interest

Child custody disputes are very common in divorces and also in cases where parents have children together but are not married, known as an allocation of parental responsibilities case. In either situation, it is important to know what to expect in your case. There are many different details that will be analyzed during this process, and you will have the opportunity to present your requests to the court in order to have your wishes recognized and entered into effect. We cannot say what is likely to happen in your case until we have a conversation about your specific situation, but we can help put a plan in place that helps you seek the right custody and parenting time plan for your kids.

When going through a child custody battle, you need a lawyer who will protect your children’s best interests and your parenting rights. At Family Law Group, we represent clients throughout El Paso County and Teller County in family law matters. Learn more about the representation we offer by contacting our firm online or by calling 719-687-2328.